Turbospeed CR27

For luxury high-performance cars

  • The perfect complement to the luxury and comfort of Rolls Royce and Bentley.
  • Our Turbosteel and Turbospeed are perfect for large, luxury cars. With enough flex in the sidewall to deliver a comfortable ride, and a tread pattern that’s efficient in reducing noise and dispersing water, if you drive a premium car, these premium tyres will do it justice.

Turbospeed CR27 Technical Specifications

sizeservice descreq rimsection width (mm)overall dia (mm)rim range (inch)RRWGEN
255/65R15106V7.502607137.00 - 9.00EB
255/60R16103W7.502607127.00 - 9.00EB

FUEL EFFICIENCY (Rolling Resistance)

Fuel efficiency is influenced by the tyre’s rolling resistance. Lower rolling resistance means lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

There is a 7.5% loss of fuel economy between the best and worst class (average).

WET GRIP (Braking Performance)

Wet grip is one of the most important performance characteristics in a tyre.

The effect may vary among vehicles and driving conditions, but in the case of full braking, the difference between a G and an A class for a set of four identical tyres could be up to 30% shorter braking distance (e.g. for a typical passenger car driving at 80 km/h speed this could be up to 18m shorter braking distance).

NOISE (Exterior Rolling Noise – not cabin noise)

Measured in decibels (dB)

  • 3 black bars: above future EU limit, complies with current S Mark
  • 2 black bars: meets future EU limit
  • 1 black bar: at least 3 dB below the future EU limit