3D Ultra Supersport

Unbeatable performance for road and track

  • Superb performance on the road
  • Can also be used for trackdays
  • High performance tread compound
  • Precise handling characteristics
  • 3D siping with interlocking three dimensional points to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex, and allow the tyre to warm up quickly

3D Ultra Supersport Technical Specifications

sizeload/spd indexrec rim (in)alt rim (in) min/maxwidth (mm)width (in)dia (mm)dia (in)depth
3D Ultra Supersport (front)120/60ZR17(55W)MT3.503.50 - 3.751194.757622.73.8
3D Ultra Supersport (front)120/70ZR17(58W)MT3.503.50 - 3.751194.760023.63.8
3D Ultra Supersport160/60ZR17(69W)MT4.504.25 - 5.001626.462424.65.2
3D Ultra Supersport180/55ZR17(73W)MT5.505.50 - 6.001817.163024.85.2
3D Ultra Supersport190/50ZR17(73W)MT6.005.50 - 6.001927.562224.55.2
3D Ultra Supersport190/55ZR17(75W)MT6.005.50 - 6.001907.564925.65.2