Motorbikes - for sheer thrills and a sense of freedom, nothing else comes close. It doesn't matter what you ride, from scooter to supermoto, superbike to cruiser, when you're on two wheels the open road is a great place to be.

And when the revs are up and your knee's down, you want to be sure that your tyres match the performance of your bike - so choose Avon tyres. All our tyres are designed specifically for the job, whether that job is commuting around town, ripping around a race track, pounding mountain hairpins, tackling off-road trails, or simply cruising about.

We take great care to get the quality right, too. That means countless hours riding our tyres in the way they'll be used by you; then countless more hours going way beyond the limits of normal use to ensure that not only will our tyres perform impeccably in all conditions come rain or shine, but they'll also go the distance.

And once your bike's fitted with Avon tyres there's only one thing left to do - go off and enjoy yourself.