Safety Mileage MkII

Classic block pattern rear tyre

  • Available in a variety of different tread patterns designed to suit older bikes
  • Modern rubber compounds deliver enhanced durability and performance
  • Best used in conjunction with the Speedmaster MkII front tyre

Safety Mileage MkII Technical Specifications

sizeload/spd indexrec rim (in)alt rim (in) min/maxwidth (mm)width (in)dia (mm)dia (in)depth
Safety Mileage MkII3.25-17 TT50S2.151.85-2.50893.561624.33.5
Safety Mileage MkII3.50-19 TT57S2.151.85 - 2.50933.768226.98.1
Safety Mileage MkII4.00-18 TT64S2.502.15 - 3.001114.467726.78.1
Safety Mileage MkII4.00-19 TT65H2.502.15 - 3.001104.370227.69.2
Safety Mileage MkII5.00-16 TT69S3.00D3.00 - 3.501315.266926.38.1