Another great season with Thundersport GB

As it prepares for the penultimate round of the season at Donington Park, Melksham-based tyre firm Avon is celebrating success at Thundersport GB – in more ways than one.
Avon has had plenty of race success in the fiercely-competitive race series, with Chris Hellewell winning the Golden Era Supersport title on Avons at Anglesey, with two rounds left to run. And Caolan Irwin has been riding strongly in the Avon-sponsored Supertwin championship on his Aprilia.
But it's not just wins on the track that Avon is happy with. The firm has used the Thundersport series as part of its extensive development program for the 3D Xtreme supersports tyre range. Together with the firm's efforts in road racing at the Isle of Man and Ireland, the Thundersport series gives the Avon Motorsports division a great range of 'real-world' testing scenarios.
Running at winning pace in the Manx GP, Classic TT and Thundersport is perfect for developing high-performance race and trackday tyres which work in the widest possible conditions, on a tremendous range of machinery, and for all riders.
Avon's tyre design engineer, Ashley Vowles, said, "Thundersport has been really good for us over the years. It’s a very well-organised series. There's a test day at the start of each round, so it's very beneficial as a testing base for us that we cascade onto the other championships. "We've set up relationships with some very talented up-and-coming riders, and the Avons have performed really well, from a short-circuit and road race point of view.
" Thundersport has also been at the heart of Avon's latest racing wet tyre development. "All the testing in the wet at Thundersport has been very good. When Caolan Irwin tried our new pattern wet tyres for the first time at a soaked Snetterton, he went out and finished second."
The final two rounds of Thundersport GB are at Donington Park and Cadwell Park. For more information on the series visit: