Avon offers bikers up to £30 off 3D tyres fitted this spring

To celebrate the start of the UK biking season, Avon Tyres is offering motorcycle customers £15 off the fitting of Avon 3D tyres purchased from selected dealers between April 1 and June 30.
This spring, consumers who buy 3D Ultra Sport, Supersport, Xtreme or the new Storm 3D X-M tyres from selected Avon Tyres stockists will qualify for £15 towards the fitting of each new tyre, or £30 for a set of two tyres fitted to their bike. In order to benefit from the fitting discount, consumers will be asked to complete a form and the discount will be applied at the time and point of purchase.
Launched to hugely positive reviews in 2012, the 3D Ultra family of tyres is the latest offering from Avon in the sports tyre category and is available in three versions: Sport, Supersport, Xtreme and is now joined by the new Storm 3D X-M which offers a high mileage sport-touring option.
3D Ultra tyres are manufactured in Britain and feature similar, interlocking three-dimensional points hidden in the tyre’s tiniest grooves, which improve stability, grip and warm-up times, while limiting tread flex.
These advances in tyre technology, along with multi-compound silica-rich tread, ensure the performance a rider wants, whether on track or in wet conditions on the road.
The 3D Ultra Sport is perfect for modern, road-going sports machines, while Supersport is the option for those who want to use the same tyre on road and track. Meanwhile, the 3D Ultra Xtreme satisfies the demand for performance from those who want a trackday-only tyre. The new 3D Ultra X-M provides sports performance on the road with the benefit of 15-20% extra longevity through increased tread life.
Gary Bretherton, UK Motorcycle Sales Manager for Avon Tyres, said of the offer, “We’ve had some terrible biking weather for the start of the season and we wanted to give something back to British riders, whether they’re fair weather riders who’ll only push their bikes to the limit on track, or those who want a tyre that’ll keep them going through the kind of wet weather we usually get in a British summer.”
Modern hyperbikes demand grip, sporty handling and good stability from a sports-touring tyre. Machines such as the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa, Kawasaki GTR1400 and Kawasaki ZZR1400 can wear out tyres relatively quickly, so a tyre with increased longevity is favourable. The Storm 3D X-M can also transform the performance of older model hyperbikes such as Honda's CBR1100XX Blackbird, BMW's K1300 family and Kawasaki ZZ-R1100.
To see the full list of Avon dealers taking part in the offer, visit www.avontyrespromotion.co.uk/fitting-promotion