Avon wins big at 2013 Solo Nationals

Avon Tyres recorded strong results across the board in the American-based SCCA Solo Nationals for 2013, as the manufacturer not only saw an improvement in results, but also a marked increase in drivers running Avon tyres.

Avon slicks were eligible to run in 18 of the Solo National classes and, within those classes, nine victories were taken on Avons, with a further 14 podium places, taking Avon’s tally up to 23 in an impressive showing.

The largest winning margins were achieved in the E Modified Class; Jeff Kiesel took victory in the men’s class title by over six seconds, to take his eighth successive national title, while Shawn Kiesel took the ladies’ crown by a mighty 11.14 seconds.

Avon’s achievement is all the more impressive given that 2013 is the first season in which it has had a strong presence at the event; of the 224 drivers in the 18 classes, 70 ran Avon slicks, compared to just 24 at last year’s event.

The Solo Nationals, held annually in September, is an SCCA-run Autocross programme, whereby one competitor at a time must navigate a coned course, with the fastest entrant from each class being crowned national champion. The Solo Nationals have run at Lincoln Airpark in Lincoln, Nebraska, since 2009.