Check your tyre pressures before your first spring ride

With spring finally heading our way, Avon Tyres is warning bikers across the UK to check their tyre pressures before they venture out onto the road.
Following one of the harshest winters for 30 years, many bikers will only now be considering returning to two wheels and the British-based motorcycle tyre specialist knows just how important running the correct pressures is to the safety and stability of a bike, thanks to a century of experience.
Peter McNally, Avon Tyre’s Technical Product Manager for motorcycle tyres said, “Tyre pressures on a motorcycle are critical to the safety of the rider – there’s no other way of putting it. The tyre’s connection with the road has to be perfect and if the tyre is underinflated after a winter’s lay-off, the bike will not handle properly and it could be dangerous. 
“We know from testing our range of tyres – including our new Storm 2 Ultra sports-touring and VP2 Sports tyres – that it is critical to use the correct pressures. Using under-pressured tyres can degrade handling and affect steering, as well as leading to increased and uneven tyre wear.”
Peter says that any rider who’s contemplating getting back onto two-wheels in the next few weeks should first make some basic safety checks of their motorcycle.
“Make sure you use an accurate tyre pressure gauge – quite often those found on the forecourt of your local service station could be out by several psi,” he said. 
“Know what the optimum tyre pressures are – front and rear – for your bike and the tyres fitted. Keep a note of them either in your wallet or under your seat so you know what pressure to inflate them to when you’re away from home.
“This check should be at least a weekly ritual, more often if you commute to work on your motorcycle. If you get into the habit, you’ll also find that you’ll spot other things which could be a safety concern, such as when your chain needs adjusting or if the tyres are coming to the end of their life.”