Custom cool motorcycles ride on Avons

Old Empire Motorcycles, specialists in building bespoke, limited-run motorcycles, is launching the latest in a line of super-cool custom street bobbers comes fitted with Avon AM9 tyres.
The Fox is the creation of Old Empire Motorcycles, specialists in building bespoke, limited-run motorcycles and is based on the classic Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Only five of these stylish machines will be made with all of them running on Avon AM9tyres.
With the centre of the bike being the 2002-specification Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motor, the Fox has a classically-inspired heart providing plenty of motive power – but it’s the styling that catches the eye. Tall at the front and hunched at the rear, this is a modern bobber with a broad hint of a board-track racer. The single-seat accentuates the look of minimalism, as does the side-mounted licence plate and single leather pannier.
Specification includes LED indicators, a modified Harley-Davidson Sportster tank and Amal carburettor conversion, midnight blue paint and Avon Roadrunners. With the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motor being used, other more modern Enfield powerplants, such as the later Electra and EFI motors, can also be specified. Prices start at around £7500.
Doug Ross, Head of Global Motorcycle Tyre Sales for Avon Tyres, said, “Avon Tyres are often the only choice for specials builders around the world. We’ve seen in recent years world championship winning custom-made machines rolling on Avon Tyres, so we’re proud to see the Fox running on our Avon AM9 tyres.”
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