Earthroamers evaluate the Avon Distanzias

Every day we put our faith in these tyres. They are after all the only contact between us and the planet we travel on. A good tyre with grip under all conditions can be the difference between enjoying the ride or limping around in plaster... or worse!

I've written before that I don't understand why people buy expensive helmets and riding gear, fork out a couple of grand for ABS and then fit any old tyre... We've got good helmets and riding gear too, but rather don't test the abrasion resistance. With Avon tyres we can still use the brakes when it's wet, we also don't lose the front anymore when it's cold. Yes I've had Heidenau in the past too but I prefer Avon.

As I wrote above, we have had all sorts of weather and conditions on the Scandinavian part of our trip. Ranging from cold, wet miserable to pretty warm and also quite a bit of gravel and slippery mud. Having tried several other brands in the past, we kept coming back to Avon as we love them! They give so much more grip and feel and work well in a wide range of conditions, like we have on this extended trip. Despite the grip and feedback, we also get a good mileage out of them. Roughly 15,000 - 20,000 out of the rear and 20,000-25,000 out of the fronts on the tyre eating surfaces of Scandinavia. The Distanzias work well on muddy surfaces, of which we've had quite a few during our Scandinavian part of the trip. We already knew that cold and wet weather was no problem, they are in fact the best wet weather tyres we've ever had. Mike noticed much more grip than with his previously fitted Metzeler Tourance tyres. They are much more comfortable than the Michelin Anakee 3 I have tried and get better mileage. Avon has been making tyres for over 100 years and it shows!

Aad & Mike Schram