World Record for longest motorcycle burnout achieved on Avon tyre

Polish stunt rider Maciej “DOP” Bielicki fitted a new Avon Storm 3D X-M to the rear of his Harley-Davidson Street Rod, ahead of setting a new World Record for the longest recorded rolling burnout on a motorcycle. Maciej set the new World Record in May of this year at a specially closed road near the Harley-Davidson dealership in the city of Rzeszów, south-east Poland. The route actually included a small roundabout on the road – which Maciej had to negotiate while still spinning the rear tyre. Just under three miles was the length of this new World Record burnout. Avon’s Head of Global Motorcycle Sales, Doug Ross, commented, “Avon normally measures the life of its rear tyres in thousands of miles. Our acclaimed sport-touring models, such as the Spirit ST and Storm 3D X-M, usually last for 7,000-10,000 miles of road riding, so we’re not surprised by the tyre’s performance in this challenge.” The rolling burnout was recorded on video for officials, with organisers also using a special thermal infrared camera to confirm that the rear tyre kept spinning for every inch of the entire 2.78 mile (4.47 km) course. Both the Storm 3D X-M rear tyre and the Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750 bike were completely standard, without any modifications – part of the conditions for the official World Record. The event was organised by GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszów, the biggest Harley-Davidson dealership in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe, and Game Over Cycles (GOC), a custom bike manufacturer and owner of the Rzeszów dealership. The full record attempt can be viewed here: